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Why Frauscher?

Why Frauscher?

Innovative – reliable – future-proof

  • Successfully used in over 70 countries
  • Leading by specialisation
  • 30 years of pioneering spirit and innovation
  • The highest level of quality and safety
  • Top Service
  • Frauscher is independent
  • Adherence to deadlines
  • A unique portfolio
  • Individual solutions
  • Simple, fast, efficient

Successfully used in over 70 countries

Why Frauscher?

Frauscher axle counters, wheel detection systems and wheel sensors can be found in use in more than 70 countries all over the world. The highest level of quality and flexibility enable the implementation of highly reliable safety-relevant applications in accordance with the approval regulations of individual countries.


  • Experience with a wide variety of systems, rail market segments and infrastructures
  • Professional approach to different operational requirements
  • Recognition and management of technical challenges
    • Temperatures
    • Extremely high vibration levels
    • Electromagnetic interference
    • Flooding

Frauscher projects around the world

Leading by focusing on a narrow specialist area

Why Frauscher?

The development and production of axle counters, wheel detection systems and high-availability wheel sensors form the specialist area of Frauscher Sensor Technology. All of our products are developed in-house in Austria and are continuously optimised on the basis of experience gained internationally and active research.

Axle counters

Open interfaces, the use of state-of-the-art communication infrastructure and innovative developments ensure the integration of numerous additional functions in the Frauscher axle counting systems.

Wheel detection systems

The combination of high-quality evaluation boards and high-availability sensors makes it possible to achieve a wide variety of applications with the optimum level of safety.

Wheel sensors

Open and standardised interfaces, robustness and flexibility: The high-availability Frauscher wheel sensors can be used for a wide range of purposes and offer the highest level of quality for different applications.

30 years of pioneering spirit and innovation

Why Frauscher?

With an in-house research laboratory and operational testing sites, Frauscher has flown the flag for innovation in signalling technology all over the world for 30 years. Josef Frauscher laid the foundation for this development with the invention of the RSR180 double sensor.


  • Fifteen percent of sales is invested annually in research and development
  • Over 100,000 sensors currently in use are continuously providing new insights
  • Ongoing further development of all products and components
  • Free trial systems to optimise the systems for new markets and areas of application
  • Company patented rail claw for easy assembly

The highest level of quality and safety

Why Frauscher?

Frauscher axle counters and wheel detection systems comprise innovative evaluation boards and high-availability wheel sensors. This enables the systems to comply with essential safety regulations when in operation:


  • IRIS-certified since 2013


The entire project design, development and manufacturing process is subject to the most stringent quality guidelines.


  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001
  • OHSAS 18001


Frauscher's philosophy: Quality and safety 

Top Service

Why Frauscher?

Frauscher demonstrates the highest quality standards in both production and in its Service & Support. Ninety percent of our customers are regular customers, which include leading signalling technology integrators - all of whom trust in Frauscher.


  • Development and manufacturing in accordance with the highest standards at our manufacturing facility in Austria
  • Comprehensive service from the initial contact right through to aftercare
  • Individual project design and training
  • Products are simple to integrate and operate

Frauscher Customer Service

Frauscher is independent

Why Frauscher?

Frauscher maintains its flexibility by being a fully independent company. This enables Frauscher to enter into research and development alliances with system integrators and operators at any time. Frauscher components can be integrated into any system without any restriction or exclusivity issues!


  • The foundation model guarantees sound ownership relationships, sustainability and independence
  • Flexible sharing of expertise and experience
  • Quickly adaptable to extreme environmental conditions
  • Applicable to a wide range of segments in rail systems

Adherence to deadlines

Why Frauscher?

The high proportion of products that are manufactured in-house by Frauscher, combined with the internal technology cluster and long-term collaborations with local partners, guarantees absolute adherence to deadlines.


  • Critical stages in manufacturing are carried out within the company itself
  • Quality tests are already performed between the individual manufacturing stages
  • Collaborative agreements relating to production are predominantly concluded with local partners

A unique portfolio

Why Frauscher?

The Frauscher product portfolio offers the appropriate model for every requirement. The sensors and evaluation boards are characterised by modular and flexible construction, simple handling and operating concepts and the highest availability with extreme robustness.


Axle counter

  • FAdC
  • FAdCi
  • ACS2000

Wheel detection systems

  • Sensors
  • Evaluation boards

Wheel sensors

  • RSR110

Individual solutions

Why Frauscher?

Customer-specific basic conditions are analysed in detail, both in the project design stage and in the aftercare stage. Hardware and software are adapted according to the stated requirements and based on field and laboratory tests performed over the long term or on a selective basis.


  • Scheduling of the vehicles used
  • Adjusting the functionality of a particular application, such as eddy current brakes, among others through appropriate hardware and software settings.
  • Consideration of environmental parameters
  • Climactic conditions are factored in

Frauscher Customer Service

Simple, fast, efficient

Why Frauscher?

Easy to use and intuitive operation, based on project design and configuration according to project specific requirements. Special diagnostic tools make it possible to carry out preventative maintenance and reduce downtime to a minimum by means of fast and efficient fault resolution. Following individual training programmes, system integrators and operators are able to plan, configure, commission and maintain the systems independently.


  • Reduction of life-cycle costs
  • Preventative maintenance works
  • Simple data storage and archiving
  • Comprehensive diagnosis and statistical data
  • Rapid and efficient error rectification

Sensor Technology

Frauscher Sensortechnik GmbH is a leader in technology for inductive sensors in the rail sector. Since 1987, Frauscher has been developing, producing and supplying inductive sensor technology, wheel detection and axle counting systems for an extremely wide range of applications. As an independent, medium-sized company, we place particular value upon continuous innovation, maximum quality and above-average customer focus.

The leader in wheel detection and axle counting technology

The complete spectrum of services we offer encompasses both individual application design and project design, as well as the provision of support for installation and commissioning. A comprehensive training programme ensures that operators are able to install the systems independently, operate them on a long-term basis, maintain them and even configure them where necessary. This guarantees maximum independence from the system supplier and minimal life cycle costs.