Axle Counting

Frauscher axle counters guarantee maximum availability with the optimum level of safety and low life cycle costs.


Axle Counting

Three systems for individual solutions

Axle counting systems are already being used all over the world by many rail operators as a reliable and cost-effective train detection system. They are able to provide higher-level systems with a great deal of information beyond just train detection. At the same time, they can be integrated very effectively into interlocking and signalling systems using state-of-the-art interfaces.

The technological shift from track circuits to axle counters will accelerate even more due to a range of factors, which include greater availability, additional functions and lower life cycle costs.

The varying basic conditions and requirements among different operators call for flexible and individual adaptation of the systems. For this reason, all Frauscher axle counting systems have been structured in such a way that they are modular and scalable. They can be quickly and easily configured, commissioned, maintained and adapted by both system integrators and operators.

Frauscher offers three axle counting systems in order to provide the most effective solution for all functional, operational and infrastructure-related requirements.

Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC

The software interface enables the FAdC axle counter to be integrated effectively into higher-level systems. This means it offers the greatest flexibility in terms of design. Both system integrators and rail operators benefit equally from significant advantages.

Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdCi

The FAdCi has been specially developed in line with the requirements of shunting yards, industrial railways and public transportation. This particularly cost-effective type of the FAdC fulfils the CENELEC standards up to SIL 3 and is designed for traversing speeds of up to 80 km/h.

Frauscher Axle Counting System ACS2000

The design of the ACS2000 axle counter is based on pre-configured evaluation boards and axle counting boards. This system has now proved its worth thousands of times over throughout the world and will also offer a reliable option for many applications with relay interfaces in the future.