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1st Global Sales Partner Meeting: Digital exchange strengthens customer satisfaction and growth opportunities

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In recent years, Frauscher has entered more and more international markets with the support of reliable sales partners. The increased awareness and positive image of the Frauscher brand also opens up a host of new chances and growth opportunities for our sales partners. At the same time, the coordinated effort has increased in order to be able to jointly offer the best solutions for our customers. 

To ensure a continuous and efficient exchange of information and knowledge, Frauscher will rely even more on digital exchange in the future: "We want to invest even more resources in digital processes and become an industry’s pioneer in digitalisation.

Digital exchange ensures benefits

Since everyone involved is now familiar with online meetings, the communication with our global partners is smooth and efficient. However, what specific goals do we pursue with the global sales meetings?

  • Even in extraordinary times, we are always available for our sales partners. Questions can often be clarified even more efficiently this way. 
  • At the same time, we meet the high demands we place on ourselves in terms of excellent customer care, which our local partners guarantee. They are our so called "extended arm”.
  • Frauscher relies on a global and constantly growing network of partners in order to be able to serve markets and customers even more individually.

Contents of the first Global Sales Partner Meeting

In the first global sales meeting on January 26th, 2021, a final look was taken at the business status 2020: What went well, what needs to be improved in the future, and what lessons can be learned? 

Then the roadmap for the current year 2021 was discussed and an outlook on future challenges was given. Furthermore, the focus was on strategic aspects, which are indispensable for a common understanding. "In addition to digitalisation, it is the needs of customers that Frauscher would like to focus on even more. This requires the expertise and support of our sales partners, who are very familiar with market-specific conditions," explains Gerhard Grundnig, CSO at Frauscher. 

To be continued

The first global sales partner call was certainly not the last: Frauscher is grateful for the commitment of each partner and the positive feedback on the first global exchange round. Nothing stands in the way of further meetings of this kind, not least in order to work on common goals and visions and to be able to optimally solve market-specific challenges. 

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