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Frauscher celebrates the European Year of Rail

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2021 is the European Year of Rail and thus an excellent time to look at how Frauscher contributes to the bright future of railways as a green mode of transportation, place our successful local offices into the spotlight and share exciting news about what is yet to come, both for Frauscher and the future of railways in Europe.

Connecting countries, businesses, and people

Green Transportation and Interoperability

The ambitious goals for emission savings in mobility rely on the rail sector which is already becoming increasingly popular all over the world. In order to position rail as an even more attractive alternative to air and road transportation, the challenge is to further push towards interoperability to enable accessible cross-border train traffic for both passenger and freight services in Europe.

Starting from Lisbon on 2 September and traveling through 26 European countries over the span of several weeks, the Connecting Europe Express is intended to showcase this unifying force of rail. At the same time, highlighting the challenges that the European rail industry must overcome to tap into its potential as even more popular mode of green transportation.

Frauscher's integral part in

Shaping the future of rail in Europe

The EU’s ambitious goals have a profound impact on the European rail market and create the ideal environment in which innovation can flourish. Pioneering technological innovations have been at the heart of Frauscher's strategy since the company was founded in 1987 and have led to forward-thinking solutions that have enabled the rail industry to continuously develop and improve. 

With this in mind, Frauscher’s digital and data-driven solutions in the fields of wheel detection and axle counting ensure that the higher demand for capacity and train density can be met with the existing infrastructure. They enable railway operators and system integrators not only to ensure high levels of safety, reliability, and punctuality of railway operations, but also to reduce down-times due to predictive maintenance and diagnostics. Ultimately, contributing to millions of people using railways on a daily basis as environmental-friendly way of traveling and commuting.


Frauscher's presence in Europe

Maintaining close relationships to its customers and understanding their respective markets have always been of utmost importance at Frauscher. While the headquarters in Austria remain a strong base for research and development as well as production, the establishment and steady growth of locations throughout Europe over the years have paved the way for Frauscher's success today.

Since the establishment of Frauscher Polska in 1998, a success story on its own that has been recently highlighted by Managing Director Andrzej Bartnik in our corporate blog, local offices in the UK, France, Croatia and Serbia have subsequently expanded Frauscher's market presence throughout the continent. With the opening of the Innovation Centre in Annaberg-Buchholz in 2018 and the office in Frankfurt, Frauscher continues to consolidate its leading position amongst signalling companies in the railway industry.

Outlook for the future

Summing up, railways look into a bright future that Frauscher as technology leader is already actively contributing towards. The European Year of Rail thereby gives the EU’s ambitious goals of a low-carbon mobility a celebratory setting to further promote rail as key enabler for green transportation. Following on from this topic, Maria Reisinger recently wrote about Frauscher’s understanding of sustainability and environmental friendliness from the perspective of its Corporate Social Responsibility.

Shifting away from the focus on the European market, it is equally important to highlight the successes of Frauscher locations worldwide as well. Just recently Frauscher won the Export Price 2021 awarded by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. Despite the pandemic, Frauscher was able to increase its sales by 5% in 2020 and celebrated outstanding successes in markets like Australia, China and India, among others.

Frauscher celebrating the European Year of Rail

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