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Frauscher continually accompanies customers with comprehensive service – from the first consultation to project completion and beyond. 

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High-quality products, innovative solutions and personal customer support: These three main pillars constitute the basis of every successful project for us. We want to understand the particular wishes of customers and partners. That’s why it’s important to us to collaboratively define project-specific requirements – because it’s the basis of fruitful long-term business relationships. 

From the planning phase to project development, from support with installation and commissioning to on-going support after the project is completed: As a customer-focused company, Frauscher is right by your side throughout the entire project life cycle and beyond. See for yourself – by having a look at the comprehensive spectrum of services for all our products and solutions

first contact

Project-Specific Consulting

You are interested in our products and solutions and would like to have an initial consultation with us? You want to work with innovative systems and would like our support in that? Long-term experience and an international feedback loop regarding information about environmental conditions, vehicle types or rail systems constitute the basis for efficient and reliable project execution. One of our more than 15 locations around the globe is there to discuss your project’s specific requirements. 

What precedes the planning phase? Together, we analyse the key parameters of your project. If necessary, we take measurements on site to collect valuable data. With this as our basis, we then collaboratively select the best possible technology and system architecture for your requirements. As a next step, our experts come up with a bespoke proposal and comprehensive concept based on the track layout.

Your benefits at Frauscher: 

  • future-proof, highly available, tailored solutions 
  • detailed analyses of the project parameters
  • optional measurements and test installations for data evaluation 
  • joint planning phase in accordance with project-specific requirements 

Test Installations

Do products and systems by Frauscher function properly even under the specific conditions of my project? How can their operation at my company be further optimised? To provide you with answers to these and other questions, we offer free test installations where needed. That way, we can not only verify the reliability of the signalling components – the test installations also provide us with valuable insights regarding project optimisations and new developments. Moreover, such field trials of our products and applications are an important component of the CENELEC process. 

On the basis of these trials and the thus analysed environmental conditions, the best possible components and systems are selected – and if needed, adaptations are performed. Special structural and architectural conditions, rail profiles, substructures, sleepers, vehicle environments, unusual wheel flanges, bogie geometries, magnetic track brakes – wheel sensors and axle counting systems by Frauscher offer enough leeway for all eventualities. 

Your benefits at Frauscher: 

  • permanent test centre on the Passau – Wels line 
  • more than 30 trials worldwide every year 
  • mutual gain of knowledge relating to products and project specifics
  • continuous exchange of information during the entire trial phase 
independent Work

Workshops & Training Programmes

How can I install, maintain and – if necessary – configure the system myself? This and more, you’ll learn at the individual training programmes and workshops of Frauscher. Our comprehensive list of trainings offers all operators the skills to run their customised system autonomously in the long term. This ensures maximum independence and minimum life-cycle costs. 

What does a workshop by Frauscher entail? Workshops and trainings are conducted either on site at the customer’s premises or at one of Frauscher’s locations in our modern, state-of-the-art facilities. Our experts teach participants important knowledge about the products and their maintenance. Expert know-how about the relevant functionalities and the efficient operation of the systems ensure low maintenance requirements. This in turn guarantees the high availability of the products. 

Your benefits at Frauscher: 

  • individualised training programmes
  • workshops either on site or at one of Frauscher’s locations 
  • conveyance of important expert knowledge about handling of the products 
Individual product trainings

Frauscher KnowledgeHub

For more information about our education and training options, visit our Frauscher KnowledgeHub. The platform gives you access to individual learning content that is available anywhere and at any time. In addition, you have the opportunity to network directly with our Frauscher experts. With us, you get first-hand product knowledge!

Concrete Implementation

Installation & Commissioning

Installation and commissioning of the signalling technology components are imminent? Be sure to give your installation and maintenance crew a timely reminder and instructions! We’re happy to support you with that – by way of preparatory training and concise installation documentation. That way your colleagues will quickly be able to carry out all required work themselves. 

Because: All components of Frauscher Axle Counters, Wheel Sensors and Wheel Detection Systems can be mounted, configured and commissioned easily and fast. Without the use of special tools. 

Your benefits at Frauscher: 

  • easy installation of all components 
  • no special tools needed 
  • greatest possible independence 
Support with adaptations and maintenance

On-Going Support

You need support with adapting or maintaining your system? You’d like to ensure that all components were mounted properly and are now being operated correctly? Optimal customer support is a main pillar of our company philosophy. With locations in many countries or regions, on-going technical support has been continually improved. That way, it’s even easier for us to stay in direct contact with the people using our products. 

Your benefits at Frauscher: 

  • contact partners at various locations 
  • modular systems for specific adaptations in different countries or regions
  • remote maintenance via FDS 
  • on-going support after project completion 
Always by Your Side

Project Implementation with Frauscher

Frauscher is your reliable partner throughout all phases of the project life cycle. You’ve got questions about individual services or would like to make an appointment for a personal consultation? We’re looking forward to your message!