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Successfully Implemented Projects

Frauscher is a household name among system integrators and railway operators around the globe. In the past decades, we’ve successfully implemented projects on all continents and under a wide range of technical and climatic conditions – to the complete satisfaction of our customers. Get a fascinating insight into our company. And follow the journey of our wheel sensors and axle counters from the first project drafts to their concrete implementation on the track! 

Frauscher Train Detection Metro Warsaw

Metro Warsaw | Poland

Metro Warsaw was looking for an alternative to track circuits for the line M2, to increase the availability of public transport by using reliable signalling technology. In the end, the operator even decided to replace the existing track circuits on line M1 with the Frauscher Axle Counter ACS200.

Dillinger Hütte | Germany

A new ladder track was required to provide more parking tracks in the steel plant. At the same time, the layout of the dead end tracks were optimised and the efficiency of the whole depot improved by installing the Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdCi in combination with the wheel sensor RSR180. With the implementation of the Frauscher Diagnostic System FDS, the overall maintenance costs can be significantly reduced.

Edmonton Metro Line | Canada

The Edmonton Metro Line was experiencing significant issues with its newly installed Communications Based Train Control (CBTC) signalling system, which did not perform to the operator‘s expectations. The city was forced to run an incomplete schedule with reduced train speed and frequency which negatively affected commuters and the city of Edmonton in general. Finally in 2019, the operator decided to install a new system in cooperation with Frauscher.

Kokkola | Finland

Frauscher supplied one of Finland’s busiest railway lines with new Axle Counters. The line was extended from a single to a double track section and Mipro was looking for a solution which can interface with their interlocking system in an efficient and cost effective way. Other important criteria was a minimum maintenance requirement and outdoor equipment which can cope with the harsh environmental conditions in Finland.

Shalun Signaling | Taiwan

The Shalun Line is frequented by four-car-trains and located in the south of Taiwan. Tropical conditions with temperatures between 22 and 28 degrees and high humidity are not the only challenge the Frauscher Axle Counter Solution has to deal with.

Karelsky Okatish – Station Kombinatskaya | Russia

With the station Kombinatskaya located in the Murmansk region in North West Russia, the operator faced major challenges given the environmental conditions: These demanded outdoor equipment with minimum maintenance that can operate with highest levels of reliability and precision, as it would be exposed to the extreme cold weather, including snow. Reliable and continuous operation was achieved by replacing the track circuits with a Frauscher Axle Counter Solution.

Three-rail Castellbisbal | Spain

The dual-gauge system of the Spanish railway network is quite challenging in terms of track vacancy detection: Wheel sensors must be installed on two rails next to each other in tight spaces and have to detect axles reliably on the respective rail. Frauscher developed a solution which copes also with the complexity of different interlocking technology in the stations along the line.

Extension Line D Tram Bordeaux | France

The Bordeaux tramway was the first French tram system equipped with a Frauscher axle counting system, benefitting from the innovative management methods like Counting Head Control.

Tram Huangpu Line 1 | China

Tram Huangpu Line 1 (HP1) line is located in urban areas with high traffic density and passenger volume as well as many level crossings. The adverse weather conditions can cause flooding of the track bed and add to the challenges for reliable system availability and operations. To provide safe and efficient wheel detection on this line, the Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC was installed with a customised protocol based on the Chinese Standard by Chinese Ministry of Railways.

Wherry Lines | UK

The Wherry Lines are railway branch lines in East Anglia in the East of England, linking Norwich – Great Yarmouth – Lowestoft. The project aimed to integrate Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC into two external systems to mitigate against a train passing a red signal without authority on approach to level crossings. Both systems were required to be a SIL 1 level and have the ability to communicate with an ElectrologIXS Interlocking.