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Frauscher is a household name among system integrators and railway operators around the globe. In the past decades, we’ve successfully implemented projects on all continents and under a wide range of technical and climatic conditions – to the complete satisfaction of our customers. Get a fascinating insight into our company. And follow the journey of our wheel sensors and axle counters from the first project drafts to their concrete implementation on the track! 

Fenghuan Maglev | China

Fenghuang Maglev is a medium-low speed maglev rapid transit line. Since maglev trains do not have wheels, traditional wheel-based detection systems cannot be directly applied to maglev traffic engineering. Therefore, to ensure that the wheel detection system functions correctly and is able to accurately detect the position of the maglev train, the project is implemented with detection plates mounted on the bottom of the maglev train. Fenghuang Maglev is the first tourist maglev line in China.