Frauscher Kazakhstan delivers special New Year's greeting

Many people take the start of the new year as an opportunity to make some good resolutions. Frauscher Kazakhstan skipped this step - and simply put a special idea into practice immediately.

Not far from the location in Astana is the home of 30 orphans. On December 30, Managing Director Uwe Günther and his team invited the children and their almost 70-year-old foster mother to a celebration. The young visitors, aged 12 months to 18 years, enjoyed the welcome variety, small gifts, chocolate, good mood and more.

Günther is convinced: "It is not only important for us as a company to let a year end positively and to start into the future with fresh courage. With this campaign we wanted to set an example for those who no longer have a family at a time when everyone is moving a little closer together. So we wanted to contribute our part in creating a positive view which is an important base for living together in a peaceful and creative way.”

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