Positive developments for Frauscher in Poland

Ever since the foundation of Frauscher Polska Sp. z o.o., the polish railway market’s trust in the company’s products has increased. Active partnerships, for example with experts such as SIG-MONT, underlined this positive trend. Now a next step has been set in these companies relationship, as Frauscher acquired a major share of SIG-MONT.

Joint products for specific requirements

Many years of close cooperation formed a solid base for this. SIG-MONT received the certificate for operating a specifically developed line block system based on the Frauscher Axle Counting System ACS2000 on Polish railways.

“Uniting two companies that work with joint products means being able to work on projects with a better focus. But it also means uniting know-how from both ends – which allows for even more customised solutions and an optimised integration of components into new and existing systems”, Andrzej Bartnik, Managing Director of Frauscher Polska, says. He has taken on his role only in September 2018, but brings 22 years of experience within the railway industry and is very familiar with the company and its products.

Developing specific solutions together

Speaking their customer’s language to provide the best service on-site has always been an important principle for Frauscher. “With SIG-MONT being present as a Frauscher company we will for sure be able to further strengthen our position in this market”, Bartnik explains. “Frauscher is a name that has become indispensable in Poland, when it comes to track vacancy detection and various other railway applications. Now we made sure that this will not change in future. Therefore, I trust this acquisition was an important step in serving the Polish railway market with high quality solutions”, he concludes.

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