Frauscher India’s First Quality Day

Frauscher Sensor Technology India Pvt Ltd held its first Quality Day at the Mysuru production site on 3 July 2019. For this event, Frauscher had invited its key supply chain partners. Two Quality Assurance representatives from each of the suppliers met with Frauscher India’s team.

The main topic for the day was digitalization and traceability in the work area and the importance of the same for both, suppliers and the company.

A positive effect was that the suppliers with whom Frauscher India is working were able to get an insight into the production area to see where and how their products are used. This helped them to understand several aspects better – and will allow for further collaborative optimisations according to Frauscher’s specific requirements to meet a maximum standard of quality.

Furthermore, Frauscher India rolled out its new department, Supplier Product Quality Development (SPQD) and conducted trainings on New Product Development (NPD) and Corrective and Improvement Actions (CIA).

The suppliers had an interactive session, asked a lot of questions and gave suggestions how to improve in future. In the end, this Quality Day helped both sides to understand requirements, processes and tasks even better – an understanding, which contributes to Frauscher’s capability of meeting its customer’s needs.

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