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Frauscher Poland: the story of success continues

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Frauscher has had its own location in Poland for more than 20 years. Today, the market puts great trust in the company's products. This successful course is now to be pursued even more intensively with a number of innovations.

With more than 321 000 square kilometres, Poland is the sixth largest country in the European Union. More than 18 500 kilometres of track are spread over its total area. Frauscher has had its own location in the country since 1998. Today, the company is deeply rooted in the Polish rail market – and continues to expand its position there.

New Managing Director with a lot of experience

Andrzej Bartnik | © Frauscher Sensor Technology
Andrzej Bartnik took on the role as Managing Director of Frauscher Polska in September 2018

"In our country, rail transport is an important component of the entire transport system. Comprehensive modernisation projects offer a lot of potential – and a number of exciting challenges," explains Andrzej Bartnik. He has been Managing Director of Frauscher Polska Sp. z o.o. since September 2018. Prior to that, he spent almost 22 years at Bombardier, where he held various positions up to the management level. He took part in the development of various products, such as line block systems, object controllers or level crossings. Additionally, he was active as Product Owner for axle counters. In 2012 he took on the role as Manager of the Wayside Products R&D department in Katowice, Poland and Plymouth, UK, before entering the world of Frauscher.

The course is set for growth

As Managing Director, Bartnik follows Janusz Mikolajczyk, who was appointed in 1998 by company founder Josef Frauscher as head of the Polish company representation and has since retired. "Poland has always been an important market for Frauscher. This is also reflected in the fact that this was the first location to be established outside Austria. The first office was in Warsaw. Today we can be found in Katowice - the Polish Silicon Valley. Janusz had a great instinct for the local railway market. He has put Frauscher Poland in a stable position," Andrzej is convinced and says: "This gives us a perfect starting point to further improve our standing in the market. Not only the approval for the use of the Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC but also new products like the Frauscher Tracking Solutions FTS and the SENSiS system will help us. The contacts that Janusz and his team have made over the years also form a solid basis for further growth".

Today, Frauscher Polska is located in 40-020 Katowice, uI. Przemysłowa 10

Frauscher and SIG-MONT go common ways

The line block system CBL2010 was developed by SIG- MONT  | © Frauscher Sensor Technology
The CBL2010 Line Block System has been developed by SIG-MONT together with Frauscher.

The SIG-MONT company has been one of these contacts. "In SIG-MONT we had a reliable partner with invaluable know-how about the Polish railway market for many years. The company has developed specific solutions that simplify the use of innovative axle counters on Polish railway lines. The CBL2010 Line Block System was developed in collaboration with Frauscher and is based on the Axle Counting System ACS2000," says Bartnik. Attentive readers might ask: Why “had”?

The new MD provides the answer: "In 2018, we opened a new chapter in the cooperation between the two companies: SIG-MONT became part of the Frauscher family. This merger will enable us to meet various project requirements even better. It also meant pooling know-how from both sides - which will enable even better solutions and optimised integration of components into new and existing systems."

Looking to the future

Together they now want to optimise the CBL2010 for the use of modern axle counters. "The Polish railway network will continue to modernise. Our products have already proven in a wide variety of installations that they can cope optimally with the prevailing conditions and requirements. By expanding our portfolio with further market-specific solutions, we want to make our contribution to optimising infrastructure," says Bartnik, looking ahead – with probably already some new concrete projects in mind.

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