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Information with added value: InnoTrans for reading

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Real added value instead of clumsy advertising messages - true to the motto: "inform more with less". The current issue of Ultimate Rail summarises what was presented at InnoTrans in Berlin. It's worth leafing through. And so is scrolling through. Why?

A comprehensive concept

With our customer magazine, we don't just accompany Frauscher's trade fair appearance. With each issue we want to offer real background information. Why was what developed, how and when? What are the goals and what are the next steps? We answer these questions in various journalistic formats. To this end, we work closely with various departments. Long discussions, comprehensive background interviews, professional photo shoots and more: the current issue is again the result of many tasks – which are worth it! Our readers – customers, partners, but also employees – receive bundled and professionally prepared information on this basis. And this is now available in nine language versions.

A unique look behind the scenes

On the way at the company premises in Austria: CMO Christian Pucher answers questions in a relaxed atmosphere.

The interview with Christian Pucher in issue 02.18 provides particularly deep insights into Frauscher's way of thinking. The editorial staff confronted the CMO with questions on strategic topics: What are the management's concerns? What is the focus on - and why? Of course, we wanted answers that were as authentic as possible. Therefore, we didn't just conduct the interview in a meeting room, we went for a walk through the company premises. The concept was a success: Randomly selected stations provided impulses for questions and answers.

Focus on the important

In the article about InnoTrans highlights, Ultimate Rail wants to keep an eye on facts, but also on backgrounds. Instead of a list of product features, the reader should learn more about connections, ideas and possibilities: How can intelligent sensors shape the future of track vacancy detection? What are the latest findings from the further development of the Frauscher Tracking Solutions FTS? Which trends in signalling technology and the railway industry are considered relevant overall? How do they influence current developments? With answers to these questions, we not only want highlight what we do - but also provide food for thought.

Ideas, developments, solutions: Ultimate Rail provides insight into various processes on current topics.

Stories and ideas

Stories about market-specific solutions inspire new ideas.

We want to offer our readers exciting stories, as stories are a means of inspiration. The basis is a lively exchange with various departments, locations, partners and customers. Solutions that have been specially developed for specific requirements can be the impetus for new ideas in completely different markets. In the current issue, we have examples of this from our Indian office.

Now that the printing ink has dried and the print copies have been distributed all over the world, we are looking forward to the next issue. Anyone who would like to give us direct feedback on the current issue or concept is cordially invited to do so: marketing@frauscher.com – we look forward to hearing from you.

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