Axle counter


Whether it’s for level crossing protection or switch point protection: In both cases, the Frauscher SENSiS axle counter system is the first choice. 

Frauscher SENSiS axle counter system
SENSiS by Frauscher

Perfect for level crossings and switch point protection

With SENSiS, Frauscher offers an innovative axle counting solution consisting of two components: the SENSiS Detection Point (SDP) and the SENSiS Processing Unit (SPU). As a complete package, the SENSiS system opens up completely new possibilities. It is particularly suitable for monitoring level crossings and switch point protection. 


Benefits of SENSiS® 

  • possibility of wireless transmission
  • low energy consumption
  • significantly reduced amount of cabling
  • easy updates and upgrades that can be carried out directly on site
  • open transmission via digital interfaces: Existing infrastructure can be used for installation and data integration.
  • fast installation and operation thanks to easy handling of sensor and rail claw
Two components, one advanced solution

SENSiS® in detail

With the inductive wheel sensor SENSiS Detection Point (SDP) and the smart evaluation unit SENSiS Processing Unit (SPU), this axle counting system combines already proven technologies with state-of-the-art functionalities. 

SENSiS Detection Point (SDP)

The SENSiS Detection Point (SDP) functions as a smart device on the track. It combines two sensor systems – transmitter and receiver – in one housing. The sensor signal is evaluated directly on the track. A specially designed bus system transmits the digitised data directly from the trackside SDP to the SENSiS Processing Unit (SPU) located in the indoor system. 

SENSiS Processing Unit (SPU)

Unlike the SENSiS Detection Point (SDP) directly on the track, the SENSiS Processing Unit (SPU) is part of the indoor equipment. The processing unit developed by Frauscher acts as a powerful data hub. In fact, it is the central data hub between the sensors and higher-level systems.  


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