Wheel Sensors

Frauscher wheel sensors are highly precise, reliable and versatile.


Wheel Sensors

Open interfaces guarantee maximum flexibility

Frauscher wheel sensors provide a wide range of different functions for numerous applications. They are supplied without an evaluation board and the evaluation of the signal falls to the system integrator, who is thereby able to adjust the interpretation in accordance with its individual requirements. Connection to the customer application takes place via open analogue interfaces.

The sensors consist of two independent sensor systems built into a single housing, which generate an analogue signal based on inductive processes.

This is proportionate to the damping by the wheel flange and is supplied in the form of a direct current signal. From this signal, different data and information for each application can be acquired for non-vital applications.

Frauscher wheel sensors are used in over 80 countries and impress with their extremely high availability, even when subjected to extreme temperatures, high vibration levels and various types of electromagnetic interference. Customers throughout the world appreciate the ease of mounting, commissioning and the low maintenance costs, which guarantee minimal life cycle costs.


  • Open analogue interface
  • Simple integration
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • High availability
  • Very precise information
  • Convenient plug-in connection and rail claw
More information

The Wheel Sensor RSR110 is available in two system variants: The Single Wheel Sensor RSR110s and the Double Wheel Sensor RSR110d. Thanks to their open analogue interface, both wheel sensors can be easily integrated into the electronics of any system. This enables system integrators to adapt the evaluation of the information perfectly in line with individual requirements.


What is the difference between the two system variants?

Single Wheel Sensor RSR110s: Only one sensor system for direction-independent wheel detection.

Double Wheel Sensor RSR110d: Two sensor systems for wheel detection including directional information.