Railway Segments and Applications

Fields of application

Due to its maximum flexibility and availability, signalling technology by Frauscher is used in various railway segments and for diverse applications. 

Signalling Technology Components in Practice

Solutions by Frauscher

Wheel sensors, wheel detection systems and axle counting systems by Frauscher have been successfully used in various railway segments for over 35 years already. As reliable sources of highly precise information, they constitute the basis for numerous applications in more than 100 countries on all continents. 

The challenge for system solutions: The state of the infrastructure, rail profiles, environmental conditions and technical requirements vary between areas of use. Aside from that, cost effectiveness, reliability and easy handling must always be guaranteed. 

Cost-Effective, Fail-Safe and Highly Available

Products by Frauscher Put to the Field Test

During operation, Frauscher products guarantee maximum availability even under the most adverse of circumstances and in highly complex installation conditions. 

They withstand dryness and heat, tropical humidity, extreme cold or changeable weather. Thanks to immensely robust components, our wheel sensors and installation equipment can handle even high mechanical stresses and strains. Innovative solutions ensure that electromagnetic interferences do not impact their functioning. 

Easy installation and handling: Sturdy rail claws for different types of rail profiles, plug-in cable connections for some of the sensors and the compact design of the sensors themselves make our products easy to install. During track maintenance work, Frauscher Wheel Sensors can be mounted and dismounted quickly. 

Good to know: Integration of our innovative wheel detection systems and axle counters  into your existing infrastructure is accomplished via hardware and software interfaces. In accordance with your individual requirements, a central, decentralised or combined system architecture can be implemented. 

Reference Projects by Frauscher

Product Solutions for Diverse Applications

In the past several decades, we have developed made-to-measure solutions for a multitude of specific customer requests. What does a collaboration with Frauscher look like? What aspects need to be considered when it comes to the various railway segments and applications? Our reference projects  give you an insight into a number of concrete practical examples. 

You’d prefer in-person recommendations and support? Together we’ll find the perfect solution for your individual requirements.