Solutions by Frauscher in Practice


From track vacancy detection to triggering functions and measuring tasks: Tailored product solutions by Frauscher are the first choice for various railway applications. 

Boosting operational efficiency

Tailored solutions in practice

Inductive wheel sensors by Frauscher set the benchmark for state-of-the-art sensor technology. Especially when it comes to reliably generating precise data for various applications in global railway segments. Mounted directly onto the track, our products detect vital information right where it originates. On the basis of decades-long experience, system components are selected in accordance with requirements regarding environmental conditions, infrastructure and rolling stock.  

The result: Both operational efficiency and interoperability are significantly improved. 

For Safe Track Vacancy and Occupancy Detection

Train Detection

For fail-safe track vacancy detection and clear/occupied notifications, most railway companies use axle counters. The reason: This system provides higher availability and lowers life cycle costs when compared to existing track circuits. That’s why they are gradually being replaced by axle counters, which are part of our diverse product portfolio


  • Fail-safe track vacancy detection 
  • High availability
  • Low maintenance costs 
Safety Thanks to an Intelligent System Architecture

Level Crossing Protection

Every level crossing has certain key requirements regarding safety and control. That’s why Frauscher offers a number of different design options and system combinations in the area of signalling technology. An extensive range of components and interfaces alongside an intelligent system architecture allow for an optimum solution no matter the configuration. Our product portfolio encompasses wheel sensors, wheel detection systems and axle counters , which can be used either as a stand-alone or combined solution. In addition, we deliver built-to-match hardware and software interfaces. 


  • Intelligent system architecture 
  • Countless options for configuration
  • Stand-alone or combined solutions 
  • Hardware and software interfaces 
Highly Available and Fail-Safe

Point Protection

Axle counters by Frauscher are used – among other applications – for highly reliable and fail-safe point protection. The clear/occupied notification is evaluated as either a release or locking trigger of the point mechanism. The major advantage over track circuits: Axle counting technology allows for simple and unlimited mapping of multi-branched lines.  


  • Highly available and fail-safe 
  • Unlimited and simple mapping of multi-branched lines
Reliably Preventing Flank Collisions

Flank Protection

Flank protection equipment is designed to prevent trains from being at risk of colliding with other rolling stock on converging tracks of the defined line due to signals and switching of points. Flank collisions are possible during shunting operations on an adjacent line, for instance. Frauscher axle counters serve as powerful detectors for controlling means of protection such as flank points, derailers or blocking signals. 

Benefit: Reliable and effective solution for preventing flank collisions 

Cost-Effective Operation of Stand-By Systems

CBTC Fallback System

State-of-the-art train control and protection systems such as CBTC and ATP enable high train frequency and optimised train traffic. These highly complex systems usually rely on tried and tested fixed, automatic train detection systems as a backup. Due to their minimal maintenance requirements, axle counting systems by Frauscher are perfect for the cost-effective operation of such stand-by systems. 


  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Cost-effective operation 
Fast and Efficient Access to Accurate Information

Triggering of Systems

Accurate information about the presence and movement of a train wheel is crucial for the functioning of various systems. Frauscher wheel sensors and wheel detection systems supply these data fast, reliably and efficiently. This makes them an essential component of various systems, such as hot box detection systems, flat wheel detection systems, lubricators, gate control systems and more.

Benefit: A simple method for activating and triggering various systems 

Frauscher sensors are not only used for diverse applications but also in various railway segments. Tip for those of you who would like to find out more about the functioning of the wheel sensors, wheel detection systems and axle counters by Frauscher: In our media centre, you’ll find comprehensive information materials and videos. Specific queries are best discussed in person. Just get in touch with us!