Dillinger Hütte | Germany

A new ladder track was required to provide more parking tracks in the steel plant. At the same time, the layout of the dead end tracks were optimised and the efficiency of the whole depot improved by installing the Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdCi in combination with the wheel sensor RSR180. With the implementation of the Frauscher Diagnostic System FDS, the overall maintenance costs can be significantly reduced.

Hanning & Kahl implemented 16 power operated, locally controlled points (EOW). A SIL3 proven control ensures safe, flexible and efficient operation. The Frauscher Axle Counter FAdCi in combination with the wheel sensor RSR180 guarantees reliable train detection, while Frauscher Diagnostic System FDS provides diagnostic data to the higher level control system.

Thanks to the FDS which allows collection of data all over the system, the maintenance staff is now provided with diagnostic tools and a virtual track representation of the entire depot area. Irregularities and failures can be detected in advance before coming to expensive breakdowns. With the condition-based maintenance replacing scheduled maintenance, the overall cost can be significantly reduced.

Functional modularity

The FAdC provides reset options, counting head information, counting head control functionality and comprehensive diagnostic facilities.

Optimise maintenance

Analysis of diagnostic data provided by FDS allows condition-based maintenance and preventive measures.

Project details
AG der Dillinger Hüttenwerke
Country or region
Hanning & Kahl GmbH
Industrial & Mining
Axle Counting
Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdCi, Frauscher Diagnostic System FDS
Wheel Detection
Track vacancy detection
Counting Head
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