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Frauscher India: Inauguration of a grander production building

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After a planning- and a building phase of only two years, Frauscher India moved its production facility to a grander building in Mysuru.

On 9 May 2019, Frauscher Sensor Technology India Private Limited welcomed more than 200 visitors to be part of a huge celebration: As the company’s production unit in Mysuru has moved to a grander building, another milestone has been achieved in the location’s history.

From history to presence

The event started with a speech by Alok Sinha, Managing Director Frauscher India, who welcomed all the esteemed guests present, that included both customers and suppliers. He introduced the audience to the history of Frauscher and the company’s presence in India: “Ever since Frauscher made its debut in India in 2013, we have been growing stronger year on year. Thanks to the strengths that we have developed, we have even extended our coverage to customers outside the country’s borders. Moving our production unit into a new and more modern building will support us in realising their projects together within stipulated time-frames. Furthermore, it is another contribution of Frauscher to the ‘Make in India’ initiative”, he summarised.

Mr. Sinha’s speech was followed by a brief presentation by Melanie Gangl on the production unit itself. In her role as Production Director, she was one of the driving forces during the planning and construction phases of the building.

A commitment to India

In his speech, Michael Thiel, CEO Frauscher Sensor Technology, summed up the importance that the Indian railway market has to Frauscher: "From our point of view, the Indian market is in fact really impressive and unique. The market volume itself is huge and the Indian government has also drawn up impressive infrastructure plans for the future, which will have a big impact on the railway and metro networks. Against that backdrop, the inauguration of this new production facility reflects our commitment to the Indian market. By strengthening our supply chain on-site we are able to provide our customers with individual solutions for their requirements.”

In her speech, her excellency Brigitte Öppinger-Walchshofer, the Austrian ambassador to India, stated her appreciation for Frauscher’s success in the Indian Market. Rajeev Sharma, from AM, S&T, Railway Board, went down  memory lane of how Frauscher’s journey in India had started long way with him. Finally, Akhilesh Yadav, COO Frauscher India, thanked everyone who worked endlessly to make the production unit a reality.

A special ceremony

After these speeches, a small ceremony was held, during which saplings were planted in the compound. This is not only a statement of awareness towards climate change, but also a traditional way of giving something back to the environment. With a ‘shehnai’ playing in the background, the ribbon that was stretched across the entrance was cut.

Tours through a new world of working

After the building was officially inaugurated, a company tour gave the attendees a chance to get an impression of the size and possibilities of the new building. Divided into numerous groups, all visitors showed high interest in the facility’s properties. Meticulous planning and innovative design will support the team on site in meeting all relevant production requirements. Optional needs for future growth have been considered as well.

The new facility provides space for multiple meeting rooms, a dedicated RDSO inspection area, quality check and quality assurance departments, a warehouse, separate areas for sensor assembly and packing, as well as work stations for all employees, an in-house cafeteria and more.

Successful finale

After the company tour, everyone assembled on the top floor of the production unit. With its open architecture and separate terrace, it provided a perfect frame for a unique rooftop party. There, a buffet of a wide variety of Indian dishes was waiting and all visitors enjoyed some drinks at the bar under the open sky. Smooth live music created the perfect mood for a successful evening, to finish off this special day.

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