Wheel Sensors

Flexible and highly available hardware and software components for individual requirements.

Reliable Solutions for a Wide Range of Applications

Wheel Sensors and Wheel Detection Systems by Frauscher

At present, inductive wheel sensors by Frauscher are used in more than 100 countries around the world. In combination with perfectly compatible evaluation boards, they constitute highly reliable wheel detection systems. Their applications range from simple switching tasks or level crossing protection to fail-safe track vacancy detection. 

Alongside a broad spectrum of applications, wheel detection systems and wheel sensors by Frauscher are popular with customers around the world because of their convenient handling. Patented rail claws and plug-in connections – available with some sensor models – make the process of mounting Frauscher Wheel Sensors a quick and easy task. Moreover, they can be used on a range of globally known rail shapes, which tend to vary between rail segments. Optimised maintenance cycles and low maintenance costs additionally minimise life cycle expenses. 

Constant Safety Through Optimum Combination

Wheel Detection Systems

Presence, speed or direction of an axle: Frauscher Wheel Sensors reliably detect these and other data under all climatic, technical and operational conditions. Their maximum availability results from a combination of robust design, high-quality components and an exceptionally reliable basic technology. 

Analogue sensor signals are safely evaluated by way of prefabricated evaluation boards by Frauscher. These can optionally be positioned either centrally in the interlocking or in a decentralised architecture in cubicles along the rail line. The benefit: No active electronic components are placed on the track itself. 

Optimum coordination of these boards with Frauscher Wheel Sensors facilitates the implementation of safety-relevant applications. That’s how standards up to CENELEC SIL 4 are met. For non-vital and individual solutions, sensors with an open interface are available. 

Open Interfaces for Maximum Flexibility

Wheel Sensors

Highest availability, easy operation and low maintenance needs. Those are only three of the many characteristics that customers worldwide value in wheel sensors by Frauscher. When delivered without evaluation board, connection to the customer application takes place via open analogue interfaces. This allows for a multitude of different areas of application

Two independent sensor systems in a single housing – this design minimises the weight of Frauscher Wheel Sensors. When convenient rail claws are used for easy mounting of the sensors, this in turn increases the service life of supporting components. 

Speaking of mounting: The compact design also enables the mounting of Frauscher Wheel Sensors on the inside along the track. That’s where they reliably detect the flange of passing wheels. Moreover, they supply – not least because of their design – important additional information about:

  • Traversing of an axle
  • Speed 
  • Direction of travel
  • Wheel centre pulse 
  • Wheel diameter

Wheel sensor RSR180

The Wheel Sensor RSR180 can be used for a variety of different applications. Due to customer-specific adaptations, a broad range of configuration variants are now available.


  • time-proven technology 
  • universally applicable 
  • no sensor adjustment needed
  • more robust sensor (bolts)
  • IP68 protection class (waterproof): protection from dust, moisture, water, …
  • multiple types of rail claws available (no rail drilling required)
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