Applications of the Frauscher Wheel Sensor RSR110 & Signal Converter WSC

11:00 - 11:45 a.m. GMT
Frauscher UK

Frauscher UK are delighted to host our second webinar of the RSR110 and Wheel Sensor Signal Converter WSC series.
Having kicked off the series with an introduction to the products and their installation, we are now looking forward to guiding attendees through applications of the system and the benefits it brings.

Join our second webinar "Applications of the Frauscher Wheel Sensor RSR110 & Signal Converter WSC" in order to learn more about:

  • Outputs & Interfaces
  • Applications
  • Benefits    

For the third and final webinar of the series we will welcome our colleagues from the Frauscher North America, who will share their experiences with the system and discuss a number of successful implementations they have been involved in.

If you missed the first webinar of the series, or any of our previous webinars, please contact to request access to the recording.

Duration: 30 min. + 15 min. Q&A

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