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Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) in the railway sector: the realisation of a vision

Gavin Lancaster / Martin Rosenberger

SIGNAL + DRAHT 7+8/2018

Real-time track monitoring for sustainable maintenance strategies

Martin Rosenberger / Gavin Lancaster

ETR International Edition 1/2017

Reliable wheel sensors as the basis for highly available systems

Martin Rosenberger / Hannes Kalteis

SIGNAL + DRAHT 04/2017

Distributed Acoustic Sensing as a base technology for railway applications

Martin Rosenberger / Andrew Hall

SIGNAL + DRAHT 09/2016

High availability: definition, influencing factors and solutions

Martin Rosenberger / Franz Pointner


New applications through axle counter communications over open networks

Stefan Lugschitz / Christian Pucher

SIGNAL + DRAHT 10/2014

Various applications of wheel detection systems with inductive wheel sensors

Gerhard Grundnig / Christian Pucher

SIGNAL + DRAHT (106) 06/2014

Wheel detection and axle counting as key elements of level crossing protection systems

Gerhard Grundnig / Christian Pucher

SIGNAL + DRAHT (106) 12/2013

Added value through wheel detection with speed output

Martin Rosenberger / Christian Pucher

SIGNAL + DRAHT (105) 5/2013

Customer-specific solution for level crossings based on wheel detection with relay outputs

Gerhard Grundnig / Christian Pucher

SIGNAL + DRAHT (103) 11/2012

Future challenges of wheel detection and axle couting Part 2

Martin Rosenberger

SIGNAL + DRAHT 12/2011

Increased availability thanks to the FDS Diagnostic System

Gerhard Grundnig / Stefan Raschhofer

SIGNAL + DRAHT 1+2/2010