covering the entire product lifecycle


Frauscher offers customised solutions in first-rate quality which go far beyond wheel detection and axle counting - covering the entire product lifecycle. 


Products by Frauscher

Our wheel detection and axle counting products are highly available – around the globe and under all kinds of conditions. That’s how Frauscher makes it easier for system integrators and railway operators to obtain all the information they need to maintain and increase their network’s efficiency and safety. 

Examples of data supplied by our products: 

  • Traversing of an axle
  • Speed 
  • Direction of travel
  • Wheel centre pulse 
  • Wheel diameter 
  • Diagnostic data 
  • Temperature 
  • Vibrations

What else characterises products by Frauscher? Configuration, materials and design of our trackside wheel sensors ensure utmost durability and a long service life. In addition, maintenance requirements are minimal. Active electronic elements in the form of evaluation boards are positioned exclusively in the interlocking or in protected cubicles along the rail line. With their modular design and variable interfaces, our systems fulfil highly individualised requirements. 

In short: Products by Frauscher are essential for the fail-safe and reliable functioning of numerous applications in the global railway industry. 


Frauscher Products

Solutions by Frauscher are not just up to par with state-of-the-art technology – they set the industry benchmark: On the basis of practical input, we continually develop and expand our product portfolio. In using the latest technology, digital concepts are combined with tried and tested features. Intelligent functionalities, innovative options for diagnostics, a special software protocol and more complement our broad range of products. 

Pioneering solutions: Via different interfaces, wheel sensors, wheel detection systems and axle counters by Frauscher can be effortlessly integrated into existing infrastructures on various levels. That’s how our products for train detection set tomorrow’s industry benchmark. 

High Product Standards for Safe Railway Applications

Frauscher Products in First-Rate Quality

From sensor coil to fully equipped cubicle: Our development and production processes are certified according to IRIS and other standards, which ensures outstanding product quality. The focus is always on rail-specific requirements regarding safety, transparency and availability. 

During the production process, our wheel sensors and evaluation boards undergo different stages in their development, which are subject to ongoing inspections. Positive findings are a prerequisite for the continuation of the production process. All inspection procedures are recorded and stored in a database. That’s how Frauscher ensures maximum traceability

Innovative working models additionally guarantee absolute adherence to schedules. A well-conceived logistics system supports our employees in the timely completion of all orders up to the point of final assembly and shipping. 

Tip: In Frauscher’s newsroom, you can find out more about the production process of our products. 

Comprehensive Signalling Technology Systems – Specific Solutions

The Diverse Applications of Frauscher Products

Cross-border high-speed lines, regional railway lines or industrial facilities: Our products reliably generate vital data via precise wheel detection. Hence, they constitute the basis for numerous applications in various railway segments. The spectrum ranges from their use in signalling technology systems to their implementation in individual solutions, for instance, in marshalling yards and loading stations. 

Find out more about the specific functionalities of Frauscher’s wheel detection products and axle counting solutions

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