November 13-16 at International Convention Centre, Sydney, Australia

AusRAIL PLUS Sydney 2023

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AusRAIL PLUS Sydney 2023

As the highly acclaimed AusRAIL PLUS 2023 event is soon taking place from 13 – 16 November in the International Convention Centre in Sydney, Australia, we are very pleased to once again announce our participation! Our experts have an array of solutions and service offerings in store for you, designed to address comprehensive customer needs and requirements.

What to expect

Frauscher Sensor Technology has gained widespread recognition for its axle counting and wheel sensor systems which help operators to achieve smooth, safe and reliable rail operations. Frauscher's products and services set new benchmarks within the industry for their innovativeness, meeting all the demands of tomorrow's mobility landscape.

As part of such solutions, the Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC® will be demonstrated alongside its key benefits which include, among many others, flexible architecture, easy configuration, scalability and low maintenance costs. The Frauscher Wheel Sensor RSR180 which has earned its reputation as a highly resilient system, capable of enduring challenging environmental conditions including extreme temperatures, will also be shown. The Wheel Sensor RSR180 is an ideal solution for vital applications up to SIL 4 and its reliability and availability further contribute to smooth and efficient operations.

To provide our customers with comprehensive support, several service solutions will be demonstrated at the event. This includes Frauscher Pulse, which encapsulates an array of different options, including operational maintenance, data-driven services as well as extensive competence management and bespoke customised support. Alongside this, Frauscher Connect will be showcased at the event, as it enables seamless connectivity between various system components, while serving as a common interface for all Frauscher products. Frauscher Connect provides all known safety protocols, delivering information to interlockings, diagnostic systems and to Frauscher Insights in a safe and secure way. Frauscher Insights is an extensive data platform which collects, enriches and processes important data from train detection, making it available via two applications: Diagnostics and Motion.

International Convention Centre, Sydney, Australia
13.11.2023 - 16.11.2023
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About the event

We sincerely invite you to participate in AusRAIL PLUS 2023, the largest rail event in the Asia-Pacific region, known for its presentation of cutting-edge rail technologies and networking opportunities with renowned experts from the industry.

The event gives us a great chance to showcase our comprehensive service offerings alongside our innovative Axle Counting and Wheel Sensor solutions to such a wide audience. Our team of specialists will be present to address any inquiries and explain how our solutions can enhance your individual projects.


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