Solutions by Frauscher in Practice

Railway Segments

Products by Frauscher are used on main lines, in urban transit and in industrial transport around the globe. 


Main Lines

Detection of freight and passenger trains travelling on main lines has to be highly reliable and precise even at top speeds. Besides maximum safety, economic factors play an important role as well. Optimal utilisation of the infrastructure needs to be ensured when scheduling maintenance windows, for instance. For the design of new systems or the modernisation of existing signalling technology systems, these aspects take priority. 

Components and systems by Frauscher offer special benefits in this regard. Easy handling thanks to plug-in sensor cable connections and rail claws allow for quick installation. That’s how ongoing operation is not at all or only minimally affected. Low maintenance requirements and robust performance of the trackside wheel sensors additionally increase operating efficiency. The option of remote diagnostics via the Frauscher Diagnostic System FDS supports strategies for maximising service life. In addition, intelligent redundancy concepts and smart functionalities contribute to the extremely high availability of our systems. 

High Traffic Density Results in Special Requirements

Urban & Mass Transit

Railway systems in urban transit are characteristically exposed to high traffic density. Signalling technology components that are used in this segment have to ensure maximum availability. Maintenance windows should be precisely schedulable and kept at a minimum. Express trains, trams and underground trains additionally pose special challenges for wheel detection and axle counting systems regarding installation conditions, safety requirements and system architecture. 

Frauscher offers its clients optimum solutions in this area. Our wheel sensors, wheel detection systems and axle counters work with utmost reliability – and minimal maintenance requirements. Another bonus: Special rail claws facilitate mounting and dismounting of the wheel sensors during installation and track maintenance work even on grooved rails. 

Special Requirements for Materials and Technology

Industrial & Mining

Industrial facilities with their own track infrastructure can significantly increase their efficiency with high-quality signalling technology by Frauscher. Materials and technology are faced with unique challenges in this railway segment because trackside components must withstand high loads and strains in many cases. Moreover, their functionality mustn’t be impaired by dirt, dust or deposits of any kind. 

Stand-by times due to irregularities in operation cause unnecessary costs – especially in this railway segment. That’s why reliable solutions for optimising traffic and automating operation are required. Our wheel sensors, wheel detection systems and axle counters offer those in charge of industrial facilities plenty of flexibility regarding installation, maximum precision and robust performance. 

What’s more: With systems by Frauscher, maintenance work can be optimally scheduled and integrated into regular operation. Our signalling technology components thus constitute the perfect basis for highly efficient processes such as the automatic switching of points in shunting facilities. Additionally, exact trigger signals can be generated – for instance, for the precise positioning of waggons in loading docks and stations or for triggering RFID systems. 

Which specific functions are performed by the Frauscher signalling technology components? A look at their diverse applications will give you the answer. We’re also more than happy to attend to your enquiries regarding our customised product solutions in a personal conversation. We’re looking forward to helping you with your individual query!