Axle Counters

With its tailor-made axle counting solutions, Frauscher offers reliable and cost-effective train detection systems. 

Customised Systems for Worldwide Use

Axle Counters by Frauscher

Axle Counting Systems by Frauscher are comprised of two parts: The trackside equipment consists of two highly reliable wheel sensors mounted onto the track. The flexible and space-saving indoor equipment houses innovative electronics boards. Via state-of-the-art software and widely used hardware interfaces, the latter are quickly and efficiently integrated into existing signalling technology systems. 

Highly Available Wheel Sensors as the Basis

Trackside Equipment

The trackside equipment consists of the sensor, mounted onto the track, the trackside connection box and the cables which connect the two. As with all Frauscher Axle Counting Sytems, Wheel Sensors RSR180 or RSR123  form the basis for highly available and fail-safe train detection. By way of a rail claw, they’re quickly and easily mounted onto the track without having to drill holes into it. This reduces the amount of time that work crews spend in a hazardous area to a minimum. 

Benefits of the trackside equipment by Frauscher: 

  • Highly available wheel sensors 
  • Easy installation via rail claws 
  • Equipment from a single provider 
  • Maintenance-free operation
High-Performance Electronics

Indoor Equipment

The data from the sensor is transmitted to the indoor equipment of the axle counting system. High-performance Frauscher evaluation boards then carry out the evaluation of the information provided by the sensor as well as the counting of axles. The thus generated data is made available to higher-level systems via various interfaces. 

Benefits of the indoor equipment by Frauscher: 

  • Extremely high availability 
  • Built-to-match components 
  • Flexible configuration options 
  • Option for a decentralised architecture
  • Minimal space requirements 
Fast Integration and Easy Handling

Interfaces of the Axle Counters

Universally applicable hardware interfaces and high-performance software interfaces enable the fast integration of our axle counters in various applications. Among them: interlockings, level crossings and signalling equipment. System integrators can implement the Frauscher Safe Ethernet FSE without having to use their own software protocol. Alternatively, customer-specific protocols can also be implemented with ease. In addition, integration into existing systems is possible via opto-couplers and relays.  

Benefits of the interfaces by Frauscher: 

  • Flexible, universally applicable interfaces
  • Vital data transmission 
  • Option for wireless communication 
  • Fast integration 
  • Easy handling 
Reliable and Cost-Effective Track Vacancy Detection Systems

Customised Axle Counting Solutions

Our axle counters are structured in a way that makes them modular and freely scalable. This allows them to fulfil numerous project-specific requirements. No wonder that many railway operators around the globe already put their trust in axle counters by Frauscher as a reliable and cost-effective track vacancy detection system. The information that Frauscher Axle Counters supply to higher-level systems far exceed the standard data for train detection: 

  • Clear/occupied notifications (SIL 4) 
  • Direction of travel (SIL 4) 
  • Number of axles 
  • Speed 
  • Wheel diameter 
  • Diagnostics data 

Innovative tools are available for various tasks during installation or commissioning of the axle counters. Among them, the Frauscher Configuration Tool FCT or the Frauscher Diagnostics System FDS. They ensure that our systems can be easily configurated, commissioned, maintained and adapted by system integrators and railway operators. 

Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC®

When using the FAdC, its functional modularity, flexible scalability and an Ethernet-based software interface permit a wide range of configuration options. This allows for the operation of both small, centralised systems as well as complex, large-scale ones. Savings on required space, energy use and investment costs increase with project scale thanks to state-of-the-art communication technologies. 

Connection to high-performance electronic interlockings can be implemented either via a customer-specific interface or the Frauscher Safe Ethernet FSE protocol. This ensures that higher-level applications are supplied with all relevant functional and diagnostic data. In addition, clusters spread out along the rail line can also be connected via Ethernet to establish a decentralised architecture. 

Good to know: Intelligent functions such as Supervisor Track Sections STS or Counting Head Control CHC additionally improve the system’s availability. Moreover, the Frauscher Diagnostic System FDS continuously supplies current diagnostics data, which can be accessed even on mobile devices. 

Benefits of the Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC: 

  • Easy and flexible configuration 
  • Software interface 
  • Flexible system architecture 
  • Low maintenance requirements 
  • Easy project management 


The system architecture of the ACS2000 is simple: Every detection point and every track section has an assigned safe evaluation board. Since the individual boards are preconfigured, later adaptations are exclusively made via the hardware. That way no specific knowledge or software tools are needed for putting the system into operation. A multitude of preconfigured boards facilitates the implementation of customer-specific requirements. 

Via open and universal hardware interfaces, the ACS2000 can be easily and reliably integrated into various applications. Among them: interlockings, level crossings, signalling equipment and other applications. The clear/occupied status is transmitted via potential-free relay contacts, while additionally generated information and data can be transmitted via opto-couplers. 

Benefits of the Axle Counting System ACS2000: 

  • Extremely high availability 
  • Low maintenance requirements 
  • Automated adaptation processes simplify commissioning 
  • Easy configuration via the hardware 


The FAdCi is a particularly cost-effective version of the FAdC axle counter. It was specially developed for the use in marshalling yards, industrial facilities and local public transit. 

What does that mean? The FAdCi meets all requirements in accordance with the CENELEC standards up to SIL 3. In addition, it was designed for use at maximum traversing speeds of 80 kilometres per hour. At the same time, it boasts all benefits and functions offered by the basic model: functional modularity, easy scalability in conjunction with the optional software or hardware interface. What’s more: highest flexibility in regard to its configuration for various requirements. 

Convenient: Besides train detection, the axle counter generates a variety of additional diagnostic information and data in a wide range of applications. 

Benefits of the Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdCi: 

  • Easy and flexible configuration 
  • Software interface 
  • Flexible system architecture 
  • Low maintenance requirements 
  • Easy project management 

Frauscher Track Vacancy System FTVS

The Frauscher Track Vacancy System (FTVS) is an axle counting system that is suitable for an array of non-vital applications, including switch point protection in yards. The FTVS represents a cost efficient and reliable axle counting solution that can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems. In terms of trackside components, the FTVS works with the Wheel Sensor RSR110, which represents a robust and well-established solution for non-vital axle counting. With regards to indoor components, the FTVS incorporates the Wheel Signal Converter WSC which converts the analogue output received from the RSR110 into digital pulses. The FTVS system also features the Wheel Counting Board WCB which provides clear and occupied status outputs for a specified track section.  

Benefits of the Frauscher Track Vacancy System FTVS: 

  • Minimal space and maintenance requirements 
  • Optimal performance in adverse weather and track conditions, including snow, ice, flooding and dust 
  • Fast and efficient installation which reduces the dwell time of personnel on track 
  • Seamless integration into higher ranking systems  
  • Diagnostics available via wayside equipment
Four axle counting systems for optimum results

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