Data Transmission

FAdC®️ for Data Transmission distributes Input-Output data for railway solutions.

Data Transmission

FAdC® for Data Transmission

With FAdC® for Data Transmission, any type of digital Input-Output data can be exchanged between different stations, enabling the exchange of vital and non-vital information for various applications. Each FAdC® functions as both a receiver of data such as occupancy information, or as a transmitter of information including level crossing controls and indications. This is made possible by an integrated IO-EXB card and Frauscher software protocols that allow information to be passed on to the relevant station.

At a glance

Benefits of Data Transmission

  • highly available and robust solution
  • suitability for SIL1 – SIL4 applications
  • flexible architecture tailored to individual requirements
  • simple and flexible configuration without programming
  • low life cycle costs and reduced maintenance 
  • diagnostic and visualization options  via open interface
Versatile application possibilities

Vital and non-vital information

With FAdC® for Data Transmission, both vital and non-vital information can be exchanged, making it suitable for safety levels 1 to 4 in railway operations.

Vital information:

  • status of signals
  • point position
  • level crossing barrier positions
  • occupancy information
  • relay status


Non-Vital information:

  • status of power supply
  • temperature alarms
  • door alarms
  • relay status

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