Sustainability is an integral part of company culture at Frauscher and this planet that we all call home is our top priority.

Train tracks in fall

Frauscher takes responsibility

The railway is among the most environmentally friendly means of transport currently available. In keeping with this industry, the topics of sustainability, eco-friendliness and corporate social responsibility are top priority at Frauscher too. Frauscher is making a valuable and effective contribution here through various initiatives and is always on the lookout for sustainable methods in all areas to further develop its products and solutions.

"As an international company, we're aware of our social, environmental and economic responsibility at a regional and global level. That's why acting sustainably with respect to the environment, our customers and our employees has been a key part of our company culture ever since Frauscher was founded." – Michael Thiel, CEO


Sustainability Report

As part of the DELACHAUX Group, Frauscher contributes to sustainable development on a global level. The Group's Sustainability Report addresses the following factors in detail: safety, ethics, the environment, management practices and community.

One of the Group's biggest milestones is its 40 percent CO2 reduction between the years 2018 and 2020. The challenges here lie in the reduction of our energy consumption, the ecofriendliness of our products as well as optimizing the transport, raw material supply, service life and maintenance frequency of the products so that they can achieve the optimal environmental performance.

Annual monitoring of water consumption and waste generation is also conducted to better quantify the impacts and improvement measures.


Code of Ethics

At Frauscher, we are especially passionate about setting a good example and having a positive influence on sustainable development. We are committed to being a strong and innovative link in our customers' value-added chain and to keeping the impact of our business activities under control. We also promote the well-being and further development of people – both in our teams and in our social environment.

As a signatory of the UN Global Compact, the DELACHAUX Group is committed to acting in a socially responsible manner in every country. Ethical behaviour is the cornerstone of our long-term company performance.


Sustainability certificates

Actions speak louder than words. That's why Frauscher has undergone multiple tests and certification procedures to ensure that the company is on the right track.

Carbon footprint – GHG Protocol

One important milestone for Frauscher is the calculation of the CO2 footprint using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. This protocol lists the world's most widespread greenhouse gas accounting standards for measuring and managing emissions that impact the climate. Frauscher was last evaluated in 2023 by an external partner and performed very well. However, this result is no reason to start resting on our laurels, but rather motivation to further reduce our CO2 footprint.

ISO 14001 certification

Another success is the 16-year-long ISO 14001 certification of the site in Austria. ISO 14001 is the international standard for environmental management systems, whereby organisations demonstrate their commitment to reducing their long-term environmental impact.

EcoVadis 2023

In 2023, Frauscher again received the EcoVadis Gold certificate, which puts it in the top 3 percent of companies in the industry rated by EcoVadis with a total score of 74 points. This sustainability assessment examines the topics of the environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement for tens of thousands of companies from more than 200 industries worldwide.

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

An EDP is an independently checked and registered document which communicates verifiable and accurate environmental information for products and their applications in accordance with the ISO 14025 standard. Currently we have EPDs for the Frauscher products Wheel Sensor RSR123 as well as the Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC®


A sustainable future

From collaborations with local suppliers right through to carpooling apps for employees and a reduction in annual paper consumption: Frauscher is pursuing new initiatives all the time to make a significant contribution to environmental protection and to improving quality of life.

Local suppliers

A total of 73 percent of our strategic suppliers are already located less than 150 km from our production site in Austria, which minimizes the CO2 footprint associated with transport. The site also uses reusable packaging to prevent waste.

Green energy - the energy of the future

More than two percent of our annual energy requirement is already being covered by photovoltaic systems – the remaining 98 percent comes from pure water power. The commissioning of an additional system at the end of June 2022 means that approximately an additional 115,000 kilowatt hours of electricity can be produced – this corresponds to around 16 percent of the previous year's consumption. In addition, primarily electric company vehicles have been purchased since 2022, which once again underlines the focus Frauscher has on the environment. As a result, 18 charging stations have been installed on the campus in St. Marienkirchen. These are supplied with 100 percent green electricity from the photovoltaic systems and made available to the entire workforce free of charge – even for private vehicles.


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