The corporate philosophy of Frauscher

Vision and mission

The corporate philosophy of Frauscher shows that more information can be generated with less effort. 

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These principles guide us

Vision and mission of Frauscher

“Our claim ‘track more with less’ highlights our guiding principle: We make it easier for our customers to obtain the information they need to run, monitor and protect their operational infrastructure.” – Michael Thiel, CEO

For several decades it has been Frauscher’s goal to support system integrators and railroad operators by providing customized solutions to their needs. Our shared focus is for railroad operations to run as safely and efficiently as possible. How do we achieve that? With a clear mission and global vision! 

Our aim


“In an increasingly complex world, we make it easier for our customers to obtain the information they need.”

What’s already expressed in Frauscher’s claim is emphasized in the mission statement of the company. We facilitate the process of obtaining more vital, relevant information with less effort. Our objective is to make it as easy as possible for our customers and partners to achieve maximum performance, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Every day, the Frauscher team is committed to innovation and improvements that will continue to fulfill this mission. 

Our future


Our solutions developed today will become tomorrow's industry benchmark, requiring less hardware to enable smooth, safe and efficient railroad operations.

Frauscher’s customers around the world are already well-equipped to face the challenges of the future. We make sure that this is the case by constantly optimising existing products and continuously developing new, future-proof solutions. Pioneering spirit runs like a golden thread through more than 30 years of our company history. 

Digitalisation on track: Numerous reference projects confirm our industry-leading know-how. See for yourself!  

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