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Successfully Implemented Projects

Frauscher is a household name among system integrators and railway operators around the globe. In the past decades, we’ve successfully implemented projects on all continents and under a wide range of technical and climatic conditions – to the complete satisfaction of our customers. Get a fascinating insight into our company. And follow the journey of our wheel sensors and axle counters from the first project drafts to their concrete implementation on the track! 

Beijing Metro Line 12 | China

The Beijing Metro Line 12 is the first metro line that combines Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC® and Railway Signal Safety Protocol Type I (RSSP-I). The line is currently under construction and expected to be put into operation at the end of 2023.

Increasing Availability at Adra Yard | India

Adra Yard belongs to the Southeastern Railway Zone of Indian Railways and is in West Bengal. Initially the yard was equipped with track circuits and there was a requirement to get them replaced with the Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC®. This project is one of Frauscher’s esteemed Indian Railway Projects with a coverage of 139 counting heads and 97 track sections.

Fenghuang Maglev | China

Fenghuang Maglev is a medium-low speed maglev rapid transit line. Since maglev trains do not have wheels, traditional wheel-based detection systems cannot be directly applied to maglev traffic engineering. Therefore, to ensure that the wheel detection system functions correctly and is able to accurately detect the position of the maglev train, the project is implemented with detection plates mounted on the bottom of the maglev train. Fenghuang Maglev is the first tourist maglev line in China.

Frauscher Track Vacancy System FTVS Testing | United States

During the initial development phase of the Frauscher Track Vacancy System FTVS, a number of pre-production units were released for real-world testing to examine their performance in typical yard environments. Consequently, several trials were conducted in the United States.

Reducing Delays in a Metro (subway) Environment | USA

A large metro operator was researching ways to reduce bottlenecks that were causing significant delays at a busy station. With two routes dividing in close proximity to the station and a complex auto-routing system that required the use of a 30-second timer to release switches, trains would frequently back up when approaching the station.

Three-rail Castellbisbal | Spain

The dual-gauge system of the Spanish railway network is quite challenging in terms of track vacancy detection: Wheel sensors must be installed on two rails next to each other in tight spaces and have to detect axles reliably on the respective rail. Frauscher developed a solution which copes also with the complexity of different interlocking technology in the stations along the line.

Wherry Lines | UK

The Wherry Lines are railway branch lines in East Anglia in the East of England, linking Norwich – Great Yarmouth – Lowestoft. The project aimed to integrate Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC into two external systems to mitigate against a train passing a red signal without authority on approach to level crossings. Both systems were required to be a SIL 1 level and have the ability to communicate with an ElectrologIXS Interlocking.

London to Corby | UK

The project was part of Network Rail’s Midland Main line electrification programme and involved re-signalling between Bedford and Kettering. The goal is the reduction of industry costs and environmental benefits through lighter rolling stock, reduced fuel costs and lower carbon emissions. 

Edmonton Metro Line | Canada

The Edmonton Metro Line was experiencing significant issues with its newly installed Communications Based Train Control (CBTC) signalling system, which did not perform to the operator‘s expectations. The city was forced to run an incomplete schedule with reduced train speed and frequency which negatively affected commuters and the city of Edmonton in general. Finally in 2019, the operator decided to install a new system in cooperation with Frauscher.

Kokkola | Finland

Frauscher supplied one of Finland’s busiest railway lines with new Axle Counters. The line was extended from a single to a double track section and Mipro was looking for a solution which can interface with their interlocking system in an efficient and cost effective way. Other important criteria was a minimum maintenance requirement and outdoor equipment which can cope with the harsh environmental conditions in Finland.