Frauscher won the tender created by SNCF Réseau France

Frauscher Sensor Technology was awarded with a contract for the development, deployment and maintenance of a new generation of axle counters in France by SNCF Réseau.

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We are pleased to announce that we have officially won the tender created by SNCF Réseau for the modernisation of the signalling systems deployed on the French National Network managed by SNCF.

At Frauscher, we are committed to developing solutions which will become tomorrow's benchmark in the railway industry. We do this by leveraging the power of our innovation and pioneering spirit to develop solutions that make it easier for our customers to obtain the operational information they need.

Initially, Frauscher entered the French market in 2016 with the goal of providing concrete answers to the development of French rail transportation systems. Winning this tender has reinforced our belief that our strategy, approach and vision are properly aligned with our goals.

The contract with SNCF Réseau consists of developing, supplying and maintaining a new generation of axle counter systems. It will start in autumn 2022 for a period of 10 years, renewable for a further 5 years, as well as a maintenance period of up to 30 years.  

Michael Thiel, CEO of Frauscher Sensor Technology: "We are pleased with the outcome of this very competitive tender and are confident that the highly innovative and flexible nature of our solutions will meet the specific requirements of this consultation and beyond."

The development phase will consist of the integration of new and innovative features as well as the implementation of the unified EULYNX protocol, in partnership with SNCF Réseau. 

According to Mayank Tripathi, CSO of Frauscher Sensor Technology: "Never before has a network launched a tender of this magnitude to select an axle counting system supplier. It is a complex project with a very specific interface and product requirements. However, we have all the tools at our disposal to ensure a smooth implementation of our solutions into the existing infrastructure, including extensive experience with EULYNX."

We were pleased to meet with representatives from SNCF Réseau at our stand at InnoTrans to celebrate the signing of the contract, marking the official start of the project which is clearly a significant milestone for our organisation in many ways. We also took the time to discuss the operational details of the project with SNCF Réseau to ensure a seamless implementation and the highest possible customer satisfaction.

We are looking forward to joining forces with SNCF Réseau to upgrade their signalling with our solutions, and to support them at every stage of this process.

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