Intelligent interface

Frauscher Connect

Frauscher Connect provides a common communication interface for all Frauscher products, while meeting all safety and security requirements.

Frauscher Connect
Flexible solution

Frauscher Connect as a common interface

A solution that delivers what its name promises: Frauscher Connect stands for Connectivity and represents a common interface for all Frauscher products. It delivers information to interlockings, diagnostic systems and to Frauscher Insights in a safe and secure way. The main purpose thereby is to ensure the connectivity in a future-proof way while meeting the latest requirements in terms of safety and security. Frauscher Connect allows for the uninterrupted flow of information for railway operations, ensuring maximum flexibility for various modes of communication.

At a glance

Benefits of Frauscher Connect

  • meets requirements in terms of safety and security
  • provision of all known safety protocols (EULYNX, FSE and customised protocols)
  • dedicated security module for flexible updates without influencing safety
  • flexible solutions according to customer requirements
  • open interface for diagnostics via OPC-UA
  • enabler for a distributed architecture with central interlockings
Secure data exchange

Frauscher Connect for a secure data transfer

The digitalisation of railroad operations is advancing at a rapid pace, including constantly changing software and diagnostic protocols and the growing importance of cyber security. Frauscher Connect is a flexible and agile solution, perfectly suited for managing this fast-changing communication environment. By using a dedicated security module, Frauscher Connect enables communication on category 3 networks which is required for data transfers to both vital interlockings and non-vital diagnostic systems. This allows for secure communication when utilizing open networks.

The requirements for interfaces depend heavily on the type of data being transmitted. The information can either be non-vital and thus fast-moving, or it can be used for vital transmission of railway signalling information. Especially for the latter, the topic of cyber security plays an essential role, which Frauscher Connect ensures in the long term by separating the consistent safety and flexible communication world to allow the required flexibility with regard to security update options. 


Software interfaces provided by Frauscher

Universally applicable hardware interfaces and high-performance software interfaces enable the fast integration of our axle counters in various applications. Frauscher Connect will provide all known safety protocols, such as EULYNX and Frauscher Safe Ethernet (FSE), as well as various customised protocols. This array of protocols enables safe communication between Frauscher products and operator’s safety systems or interlockings. FSE in particular was developed to accommodate a wide range of applications in the field of wheel detection and axle counting. Frauscher makes FSE available free of charge and also provides customers with support and troubleshooting, during and after implementation.
EULYNX is a European initiative that aims to standardise interfaces and elements of signalling systems. The communication capabilities of Frauscher axle counting solutions are specially designed to comply with the standardized interface EULYNX Baseline 4 - including remote system updates, commands and more.


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