With the implementation of EULYNX, the Frauscher axle counting solution FAdC® delivers a seamless, standardised interface for signalling systems. The successful progress of initial projects in Austria, Germany, and France provides evidence for this.

Axle Counting Solution with EULYNX protocol

Axle Counting Solution with EULYNX protocol

As part of Frauscher Connect, the Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC® possesses communication capabilities which are tailored to the EULYNX architecture. The integration of this European standard opens the possibility to communicate and interact seamlessly with other EULYNX-enabled equipment. This ensures a smooth integration of the FAdC® with any EULYNX-enabled interlocking systems and components. At the same time, it addresses the complex relation between safety and security requirements of signalling systems.  

The EULYNX architecture ensures a system that upholds the highest levels of safety and security. Using these technologies allows for European-wide compatibility, bringing in a new era of effective, reliable, and sustainable rail operations. 


Benefits of FAdC® and EULYNX

  • Standardised interoperability of FAdC® with high-ranking systems 
  • Reduction of lifecycle costs for signalling systems 
  • Long-term solution for stable interface
  • Simple, flexible integration in existing systems 
  • Increased modularity of the signalling system due to standardised interface 
  • Successful implementation of projects by Frauscher 

EULYNX system architecture

Integrating our solution into railway infrastructure creates the possibility for a distributed system architecture. By incorporating the EULYNX protocol, the Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC® provides a robust open interface for a secure communication. This paves the way for utilising open or decentralised networks.  

Distributed architectures enable the centralisation of interlocking systems, maintenance & data management and security within data centres. The significant benefit lies in the flexible applicability and scalability of the entire system. These advantages lead to resource savings and enhancement of system performance.


EULYNX Projects by Frauscher

One of Frauscher's key competencies is the implementation of software protocols in axle counting solutions. We have gained this expertise through successfully implementing Frauscher Safe Ethernet FSE and customised software protocols in various projects. Frauscher thereby guarantees a seamless integration of wheel detection and axle counting solutions into both new and existing signalling environments. 

Frauscher is part of the EULYNX initiative from 2016. Since then, we used our expertise to develop EULYNX interfaces for axle counting systems. Those interfaces include SCI-TDS, SMI-TDS, SDI-TDS, and SSI-TDS. We have already implemented or launched the following projects according to EULYNX baselines 2 to 4.2: 

Austria | Project GKB Graz-Köflach:  

  • Products: Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC®, Wheel Sensor RSR123 
  • Implementation of EULYNX Baseline 2 (SCI-TDS for Axle Counting) 


Germany | Project Zwieseler Spinne: 

  • Part of the Schnellläuferprogramm of Digitale Schiene Deutschland 
  • Products: Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC®, Wheel Sensor RSR123 
  • Implementation of EULYNX Baseline 3.5 (SCI-TDS for Axle Counting) 

France | Project SNCF: 

  • Part of Haute Performance Marseille – Vintimille, LNPCA project 
  • Products: Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC®, Wheel Sensor RSR123 
  • Implementation of EULYNX Baseline 4.2 (SCI-TDS, SDI-TDS, and SSI-TDS for Axle Counting) 

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