Intelligent data platform

Frauscher Insights

Frauscher Insights is an intelligent data platform which enables data from railway operations to be enriched and bundled together, making it available via various applications.

Frauscher Insights - a Frauscher solution
Central Data STorage

Future-proof with Frauscher Insights

As a central data platform, Frauscher Insights carries the possibility to collect data received from train detection and make it available via various applications. The information is not only processed, but also enriched with data from various sources and intelligently bundled for further applications. Frauscher Insights empowers railway operators to obtain further value from data received, serving as the foundation for a digital future.

Frauscher Insights makes the bundled data available via two applications: Diagnostics and Motion. These applications not only make diagnostic data easily accessible, but also provide the capability to avoid errors before they occur and to optimize railway operations on site.

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Benefits of Frauscher Insights

  • optimisation of ongoing railway operations
  • central data storage and secure processing of data
  • data accessibility from anywhere
  • enablement of smart maintenance
  • reduction of maintenance costs
All data at a glance


As a higher-ranking diagnostic system, Diagnostics allows the data from train detection to be viewed on a clear dashboard. An integrated track plan enables the visualization of the diagnostic data, as well as the logging of errors and warnings. This allows the operator to react – before a failure occurs.

Main features:

  • system overview via dashboard
  • logging and messages in in the event of errors and warnings
  • integrated track plan
  • element overview
  • monitoring of wheel sensor status
  • identification of affected elements
Smooth railway operation


The application Motion provides a completely digital process for the coordination of field service operations. All information is easily accessible on mobile devices for use on site – for commissioning, maintenance and trouble shooting. It allows for the improvement of operational efficiency and the streamlining of tasks and field operations for dispatchers, team leads and field technicians. All details and information are clearly communicated, eliminating the need for queries or searches.

Motion is suitable for various applications including:

  • installation and commissioning
  • maintenance
  • repair and trouble shooting
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