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For over 30 years, Frauscher has been forging new and innovative paths in the global railway industry. Our mission: to generate more relevant information with less effort. Take an exciting journey through the world of Frauscher Sensor Technology!
About the Company

The World of Frauscher

Frauscher offers customised solutions for international railway markets and has become a synonym for innovative axle counters and wheel sensors around the globe. Input and feedback from railway operators and system integrators worldwide constitute the basis for on-going new and further developments. The outcome are products and systems that are based on the requirements of our customers. 

Combined with our ability to use digitalisation and state-of-the-art processes to their full potential, this approach strengthens our position as technology leader – day after day. How do we at Frauscher ensure that our made-to-measure solutions optimally support every customer? By way of a strong supply chain with market-leading short delivery times while still providing high quality at competitive costs. 


Wheel Sensors and Axle Counters

Inductive sensor technology forms the basis for our wheel sensors and axle counters. The outcome of our technological developments in this area: highly available products – regardless of railway segment, site of operation or prevailing local conditions. 

Wheel sensors or axle counters: Signalling technology components by Frauscher are extremely durable while requiring only minimal maintenance. Even the most specific project requirements can be fulfilled thanks to their flexible system architecture and open interfaces. 


Railway Segments

Main lines, urban transit or industrial transport: Signalling technology components by Frauscher are used around the world in various railway segments. Every segment has its own particular requirements and challenges which we meet with our specific solutions. 



Train detection, switching point protection or triggering of systems: Highest availability ensures that Frauscher’s made-to-measure system solutions optimally fulfil the requirements of such diverse railway applications. 

What does all this look like in practice? From wheel sensors to axle counting systems: Our reference projects will give comprehensive insight into how various installations are used worldwide. 

Customer Service

Frauscher as a Reliable Partner

Providing the best possible support to all customers, helping them find optimal solutions to fulfil their specific requirements – that’s exactly what comprehensive customer service entails for us. At Frauscher, we focus on full, all-round support throughout the project life cycle – from our first consultation with the customer to project completion and beyond. 

Speaking of service: You’re looking for additional information about the world of Frauscher? Go ahead and have a look at our blog and our newsroom & media centre! If there is anything else we can help you with, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! 


Frauscher around the Globe

We are present in all major railway markets worldwide – and that’s where we’ve been setting the industry benchmarks with our innovative solutions for over 35 years. You would like to know which system integrators and operators trust in Frauscher and where they are located? Familiarise yourself with our locations and partners around the globe! 


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