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Frauscher is awarded Gold by EcoVadis for a third year in a row

St. Marienkirchen near Schärding, 24.07.2023: Frauscher Sensor Technology's sustainability strategy is awarded Gold by EcoVadis in 2023

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Frauscher's corporate culture places great importance on sustainability, considering it a vital component in many areas of the company. Frauscher actively engages in numerous initiatives to promote sustainability, both locally and globally, striving to be a role model in this regard. As proof of their dedication, the company has this year again been honored with the prestigious Gold medal from EcoVadis for the third time in a row.

Securing a spot among the top three percent of companies

EcoVadis, a prominent global organisation specialising in sustainability evaluations, conducts comprehensive assessments of environmental practices, labour and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement for tens of thousands of companies spanning over 200 industries worldwide. The overall rating assigned by EcoVadis represents the strength of a company's sustainability management system at the time of assessment. This year, Frauscher has risen to the top 3% in our industry sector in the EcoVadis sustainability rating, thereby once again receiving the esteemed Gold medal award. These assessment outcomes are readily accessible to registered members via the platform, ensuring greater transparency and easy access of information.

As further explained by Maria Reisinger, the Managing Director of Frauscher Austria, "We are truly fortunate to have received the Gold medal award by EcoVadis third time in a row which undeniably demonstrates and reaffirms our commitment to sustainability. What is even more reassuring for us, is that compared to last year’s EcoVadis assessment, we have scored higher in the overall rating, placing us among the top three percent of all companies within our industry which is a truly remarkable achievement".

During the evaluation process conducted by EcoVadis, Frauscher has actively been assessed in a number of key areas and has demonstrated clear competence in each of them. This is largely due to many ongoing initiatives pertaining to sustainability which are already in progress, such as obtaining electricity for the Austrian location solely from renewable sources, using electric or hybrid company vehicles and attaining outstanding Environmental Product Declarations, among many others. In addition to Frauscher's existing initiatives to promote sustainability, the company is continuously seeking new ways in which it can further enhance its positive impact on the environment and society.

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  • Frauscher wird von EcoVadis das dritte Jahr in Folge mit Gold ausgezeichnet

  • Frauscher is awarded Gold by EcoVadis for a third year in a row

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  • EcoVadis Gold 2023 | © EcoVadis SAS

    EcoVadis Gold 2023

    © EcoVadis SAS
  • Frauscher charging station for electric and hybrid vehicles  | © Frauscher Sensortechnik

    Frauscher charging station for electric and hybrid vehicles

    © Frauscher Sensortechnik
  • Maria Reisinger, Managing Director Frauscher Austria | © Frauscher Sensortechnik

    Maria Reisinger, Managing Director Frauscher Austria

    © Frauscher Sensortechnik

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  • Frauscher Sensortechnik EcoVadis Gold-Medaille

  • Frauscher Sensor Technology EcoVadis gold medal

About Frauscher

Frauscher Sensor Technology offers innovative solutions for the individual requirements of customers worldwide in the field of axle counting and wheel detection. In doing so, we strive to provide the best possible support to system integrators and railway operators throughout the life cycle of our products and beyond, giving them access to the information they need. With a worldwide network of locations and partners, we also guarantee a strong supply chain and optimum customer support around the globe.

24.07.2023 | Company

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