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How hybrid workplaces shape the future of Frauscher’s working culture

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When the first lockdowns around the globe were announced, Frauscher moved most of the employees to working from home quickly – whenever possible depending on their job and daily tasks – and with the support of the right technical equipment and infrastructure, a smooth transition was possible. Working from home for months, however, has permanently altered our working culture – today, many of our employees work from anywhere. Nevertheless, the Frauscher offices will always play an essential role and as the employees gradually started to return on-site, it was time to think of how the Frauscher offices can be a place which foster creativity, productivity and inspiration.

At Frauscher we have a clear picture on how this work environment will look like in the future – a hybrid workplace where employees can combine remote and on-site working in accordance with their needs. But how does that really look like in practice? What benefits does it offer and how does it shape the culture of collaboration at Frauscher?

Agile, self-determined, and flexible work

Enabling Frauscher employees to freely decide whether to work on certain tasks from home or in the office not only increases the productivity but also allows a good balance between creativity, deep-focus work, and collaboration. This is further supported by a new room concept that has just been implemented in the Marketing & Sales department at Frauscher Austria. As further explained by Maria Reisinger, Managing Director at Frauscher Austria, the newly established collaborative space “Offers areas for exchange and withdrawal, as well as space for experimentation on creative and digital innovations. In combination with individual home office agreements, it allows Frauscher to bring its teams closer together in a modern and highly digital shared co-working space. This further enables both collaboration and knowledge exchange from which we all benefit”.

After having launched the shared co-working concept successfully within the Marketing & Sales department, other Frauscher departments are about to follow.

Employee engagement and improved work-life balance

The main advantage of hybrid workplaces is that our employees can work whenever and wherever they want to. Different working time models without core times allow the Frauscher team to even work outside of regular meeting hours and to get work done also from their homes without being disturbed or distracted. This gives the employees a great deal of flexibility so that both work and private life is balanced. According to Nicole Unterleitner, Head of Human Resources at Frauscher “A good work-life balance is crucial for a healthy working environment. Hybrid workplace models allow our employees to perfectly combine their work and life together. This reduces pressure and increases the employee engagement”.

Collaboration and teamwork are also possible at any time through digital tools such as WebEx but also in person in the Frauscher office to take advantage of face-to-face meetings and employee team building actions. The right balance between working from home and on-site further increases the well-being of the Frauscher staff.

New ways of working and collaboration

Spontaneous communication and team activities have always been an important part of the Frauscher working culture and spirit. Now, with a hybrid workplace model in place, new ways of communication have been successfully implemented at Frauscher to make sure relationships among our colleagues and our good team spirit can be kept up.

Frauscher has put a lot of emphasis on coming together virtually in numerous events, team-building activities as well as casual virtual coffee breaks. Ensuring that all employees can exchange ideas with each other and thereby co-create a pleasant working atmosphere despite any geographical distances is a crucial part of the Frauscher working culture. User-friendly tools such as WebEx, Confluence, Asana, and many others enable smooth communication and collaboration among the different teams and cultures. To celebrate various moments or events together within the Frauscher team, the newly launched social intranet Workvivo serves as a platform to foster exchange among all employees around the globe. As Maria Reisinger further elaborates, “Based on its popularity, activities and posts it has proven to be an important virtual meeting place that has nurtured new ways of collaboration and togetherness within the Frauscher community”.

Be part of the Frauscher family!

At Frauscher we constantly strive for innovation, for something new and better. This spirit is deeply embedded in Frauscher’s corporate culture and clearly reflects our working culture as well. The Frauscher employees are our major asset and creating an inspiring and enjoyable working environment is one of our highest priorities. If you want to know what else Frauscher has to offer and what open vacancies we currently have, you can find out more here and join the Frauscher family!

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